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Slam Dunk Studio is a “go at your own pace” virtual training for anyone who wants to grow a business by leveraging the power of live video, and wants to do so with the best audio and video within their budget.

With the latest changes in technology, the opportunity we have to reach more people with live video today is incredible!

But so many people struggle figuring out where to start...until now!

SLAM DUNK STUDIO is a paint-by-numbers program consisting of multiple volumes for you to choose from

Slam Dunk Studio Vol 1 - Equipment Needs for Building a Kick-Ass Live Video and Podcast Studio

Slam Dunk Studio Vol 2 - Hooking Up Your Live Stream Video and Podcast Studio


Anyone can learn from this program to build a respectable studio that will enable them to share their message with the world, get a product out there, and start building an engaged audience faster and better than ever before.

It’s all about finding your “tribe” - that person searching for exactly what YOU have to offer, attracting them through live video, and turning them into a life-long fan.

It’s how you grow a business you love...without compromising what matters most.

Who is Slam Dunk Studio For?

Whether you want to grow an existing business, start a new one, or simply generate more engagement, the Slam Dunk Studio courses will help you:

  • Get comfortable in front of the camera
  • Learn how to market your business with live video
  • Measure your live video results
  • Grow your audience
  • Increase engagement
  • Build a captivating brand
  • Master video & live streaming
  • Understand what you need and what you don't
  • Set the foundation for a solid live video strategy
  • Identify and establish your unique expertise 
  • Maximize your social media & gain quality followers

Together we are going to help you have an great live broadcast right out of the box!

What Are You Waiting For?

Get In Now and Start Growing Your Brand Like Never Before

Slam Dunk Studio is the real deal!

While using live video to grow your business is by no means a “get rich quick” scheme, anyone with the desire and discipline to follow simple steps can do this and build a great foundation for live video broadcasts to grow your business today!

Two of the biggest reasons people struggle "going live" is that they are afraid they don't have anything to say or they don't have the right equipment.

But in Slam Dunk Studio, we break everything down in an easy to understand fashion and implement methods so you can take the fear out of it and start broadcasting like a rockstar today! 

Each volume is a separate course and is created in a specific order, to ensure you do the work as you go and do it right! 

There’s no question about what to do next, and you’ll come out at the end empowered, educated, and ready to engage with your audience!

How It Works

Once you enroll into Slam Dunk Studio, you’ll get instant access to your trainings in that volume (unless you bought the entire course, in which you'll have access to it all!)

Your training includes videos, walk-through tutorials, and PDF downloads.  We accommodate a variety of learning styles and structured this content specifically to ensure you complete the right steps in the right order and have time to implement as you go.

Don’t delay your success another minute - sign up today!

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Lifetime Online Access.
Go At Your Own Pace.

It’s Like Going Back to School...But So Much Better!

Your entire course is online and can be completed from the comfort of your home or on-the-go. While content is in a specific order, you have lifetime access, so you can work at your own pace and revisit lessons any time.

You’ll Get Support.

I know you want to make this work...the problem is you don’t know where to start and what most people teach in social media wastes time and money.

In the last 2 years, live streaming video has completely changed the entire game and the opportunities we have are incredible! But it changes daily, and you need something YOU can control - that’s what Slam Dunk Studio is all about. 

Not only will you receive step-by-step training, but you’ll also receive the tools, resources and support you need for success. 


Slam Dunk Studio Will Elevate Your Live Stream Game Like Nothing Else! Learn in Hours What Took Me 2 Years to Learn!

SDS Volume 1 Module Breakdown
What You'll Get...

SDS Volume 1 Module 1
Welcome & Course Overview

In this module, I'll explain who I am and how I came to be a live stream professional. I also share with you what you who I had in mind when I built this course, as well as what will take away from this course. I also share with you the evolution of my live video studio so you can better understand my journey and what I went through to gain the knowledge I'm sharing with you in this digital product.

SDS Volume 1 Module 2 

The "Audio" Components of Your Live Video Studio

My focus with teaching audio for the live video studio is to begin with stressing the importance that audio will have for your broadcasts. Having respectable audio can make or break your live video endeavors if you are trying to put on a more professional-styled show. I share with you the equipment I use to achieve as close to audio perfection as possible, as well as why I use each piece of audio equipment.

SDS Volume 1 Module 3

The "Video" Components of Your Live Video Studio

Even in live video, video quality comes in a close section to audio quality. Nailing the video portion of your broadcast can elevate your game, however, and here I show you what I use and why I use it, along with considerations for other options that might better fit your budget.

SDS Volume 1 Module 5 
Live Streaming with a Laptop

Most of us incorporate a laptop into our live video production, whether it is a secondary live stream machine or the primary live stream machine. Either way, using a laptop has it's benefits, but it also has it's drawbacks. I address the pluses and minuses regarding the use of a laptop for live video along with my perspective in having used a laptop ever since I got started in live video.

SDS Volume 1 Module 5 
Live Streaming Software and Mobile Device Apps

I've made extensive use of live streaming software, such as OBS, Wirecast, and Switchboard Live, as well as used many mobile device apps, including social media apps that offer live video, such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc. I discuss what I like and don't like as well as cover some of your basic options regarding all of the above.

SDS Volume 1 Module 6 
Mobile Live Streaming

Let's face it - we're out in the field, a lot. And some of the best, most engaging content comes, not from the studio, but from the field, where all you have is a phone to go live with. I cover your equipment options for field duty, as well as other considerations based upon the hundreds upon hundreds of live videos I've created when I was out and about.

SDS Volume 1 Module 7 
Miscellaneous Live Streaming Studio Considerations

Here I cover basic considerations that didn't quite fit anywhere else, wisdom gleaned from years of live streaming, troubleshooting common live video studio problems, and the like.

Are You Ready?

Meet Todd

Hi! I'm Todd. I’m an ordinary guy who has been married for over 20 years, that has two children and lives in Southern California.

I’m enjoying life. My wife and kids are doing great, and I am blessed to have such an awesome family.

And while I’ve been an entrepreneur all of my life in one sense or another, I made the decision in 2008 to never work for someone else in a ‘day job’ scenario ever again.

So I left the practice of law and trashed the resume. Forever.

And I’ve had many businesses in my lifetime, some of which have been successes, but many of them were duds.

That’s not because they were dumb ideas. They weren’t.

Sometimes my timing was off. And other times circumstances changed that frustrated my efforts.

Among the many things I have learned, however, is that patience and persistence pays off.

This is it!
It’s YOUR time!

This is it! It’s YOUR time! What are you waiting for? Stop watching other people have success, and start getting your message out there and helping the world with your own unique perspective. Whether you want to grow your existing business, start a new one, or simply make share online, there’s no better time than now!  

You Can Start Sharing Your Message Today! Let’s Make It Happen!