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I'm Here For You

I know that learning how to leverage live video can seem overwhelming, but I have great news, I am here to help you! I take on a limited number of clients to work 1-1 with so you can crush your business goals.  Are you ready?


Who do I Work With?

Driven, inspiring, entrepreneurs just like you!

Many of my clients are new entrepreneurs or other professionals, who have never broadcasted anything in their life.  Just like you, they want to get started in live video and/or Instagram to either promote their new or existing business.

And they want to crush it.

Just as I help them crush it, I can help you crush it.  I can provide inspiration, motivation, and guidance. I can answer questions, and I can audit your efforts in Instagram as you get started, providing valuable feedback to you based upon my own broadcasting experience and my study of other live video broadcasters and Instagrammers.

I have experience in online marketing, website building, social media, marketing, internet marketing, social media marketing, building an audience, email list building, personal branding, business branding, live video, in-the-moment video, YouTube, podcasting, manufacturing, product promotion and demonstration, and more.

Lately, I’ve really been doing everything I can do to learn and master live video, in-the-moment video, YouTube videos, and podcasting. I’m trying doing it all, and I can help you do it all as well.

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