My passion is digital broadcasting with my big 3:  LIVE VIDEO, PODCASTING, AND ALL THINGS INSTAGRAM - and I'm here to teach you everything I've learned.

๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป Hi! I'm Todd...

I’m just an ordinary guy who has been married for over 20 years, that has two children and lives in Southern California.

I’m enjoying life. My wife and kids are doing great, and I am blessed to have such an awesome family.

And while I’ve been an entrepreneur all of my life in one sense or another, I made the decision in 2008 to never work for someone else in a ‘day job’ scenario ever again.

So I left the practice of law and trashed the resume. Forever.

And I’ve had many businesses in my lifetime, some of which have been successes, but many of them were duds.

That’s not because they were dumb ideas. They weren’t.

Sometimes my timing was off. And other times circumstances changed that frustrated my efforts.

Among the many things I have learned, however, is that patience and persistence pays off.

Even though the advent of the internet changed everything as far as entrepreneurship goes, one thing that hasn’t changed is that you have to put the time in by creating consistent content, being helpful, and educating your audience.

I believe to succeed in social media, podcasting, and live video, you have to master the 3 C's: 




The importance of broadcasting on the internet, primarily with video, has been growing rapidly. And it isn’t slowing down. In fact, it is only speeding up.

A recent article stated that live video would grow 15-fold over the next three years!  What?!?!?!

We are seeing this growth because video allows broadcasters to potentially engage just about everyone on the planet - having real conversations - in real time; and if not, leveraging video to create content that people can watch anytime they want..

I find this absolutely fascinating.

I started using live video in late 2015. And for me, it’s changed everything for entrepreneurs and marketers.

Because of live video in particular, I have friends all over the world who I would have never met without live video.

Because of live video, I can have conversations in real time (or virtually in real time) with people all over the world who would have never discovered me without live video.

Because of digital broadcasting, people can get to know about me and my businesses in ways that were never before possible.

And all of this can be true for you, too.

With the click of a button, you can create new friendships, build audiences, and engage people all over the world to get your message out.

I'm here to help you in any way that I can.

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  • LEARN THE SOFTWARE involved with broadcasting
  • LEARN SOFTWARE like Wirecast and Switchboard Live
  • PLAN YOUR CONTENT for internet broadcasting
  • PLAN YOUR MESSAGING digital broadcasting
  • BUILD CONSISTENCY in broadcasting
  • To learn now to GET PEOPLE TO NOTICE your content
  • Learn to ENGAGE YOUR AUDIENCE with digital broadcasting
  • Learn to GROW YOUR AUDIENCE through their efforts
  • CHOOSE the platforms for your business
  • AVOID AGGRAVATING MISTAKES when growing a digital presence
  • SAVE TIME in whatever it is you want to learn
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Take a look at my TWO daily podcasts:

Entrepreneur Live Video

'Grammer School:  Instagram Marketing for Business and Entrepreneurs

What I sincerely hope is that you are able to learn from me and the community of people I engage with to greatly improve your entrepreneurial life and your business.

That is my mission.

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