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What is 'Grammer School Video Mastermind?

'Grammer School Video Mastermind is a community that exists here on my website, accessible only after login, where I teach video content creation and marketing exclusively for the Instagram platform.

In this mastermind, I teach and we all share and learn about the Four Corners of Instagram Video™, those being news feed video, Instagram Stories, Instagram Live, and increasingly valuable IGTV.

With regular live video tutorials, conversation, and any other content I create that is made exclusive to the mastermind, you will learn and increase your skills in video content creation and marketing for Instagram, that is my guarantee.


If give you a 100% full satisfaction money-back guarantee on this purchase.  If at anytime within the first 30 days after initial monthly or yearly purchase you would like your money back, you will get your money back, no questions asked.



Be a Part of a Community

What I offer here is more than just a mastermind - it's a new community where like-minded creators of different skill levels can congregate and learn about something we all have a passion for - Instagram video.

AND Here’s The Best Part…

We do this all through my private, online Kajabi website.  It's like another social media platform with great content on a regular, consistent basis, with no aggravating algorithms or other typical social media nonsense

Why Would I Join 'Grammer School Video Mastermind?

  • You want to set yourself apart from everyone else with high quality Instagram videos

  • You understand how valuable video is on Instagram and you want to raise the bar on the content you create

  • You need to increase your skills in video content creation

  • You want to learn how to market with video successfully

  • You don't want to spend months wasting time trying to figure out how to create better videos

  • You're ready to work with a seasoned professional who has been doing this for quite some time and who can help you get to where you want to go

What Do I Need for 'Grammer School Video Mastermind?

For the 'Grammer School Video Mastermind, ideally, you'll have some sort of video software and some sort of graphic design software.

My preferences for software, and what I'll be teaching with, will include Screenlfow, Wirecast, Adobe Premiere Pro, and Photoshop.  

I'll also teach a variety of apps I already use, and explore new apps and apps I've not used as we work ahead.

It is important for you to know that you can use any software you'd like.  You need not use my exact software (although that would help you the most), because most software offers the same or similar features, so what you learn from me as I work Screenflow or Premiere Pro, you'll be able to adapt for Final Cut Pro, Vegas, Camtasia, or any other video editing software.

Same for Premiere Pro.  You could be using Canva, or any other graphic design editing software.  Most of it works the same or at least very similar.


I see the value here and I'm ready to go all in, investing in myself and building my brand and business with impactful Instagram video!


Included in 'Grammer School Video Mastermind

Very Detailed Video Coaching

I will go live on a regular basis (at a minimum once per month) with detailed on-screen video tutorials, as well as extra content, including video and pdf, to help you with elevating your game.

Community of Peers

The value of the networking and friendship building you'll get with this mastermind will be immeasurable as the group grows, as you'll not only be sharing, learning, and hearing from me, but also others in the group.

Skills You Learn for Instagram Transfer to Other Platforms

The skills you learn here as far as video content creation and marketing will help you raise the bar no only on Instagram, but Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn!

What Do I Get When I Enroll?

'Grammer School Video Mastermind

I'm ready to crush it with Instagram video!


Hear what others have said about working with Todd

Erika Flint on Working with Todd.LIVE

While Erika is not currently enrolled in this mastermind, we did work together via Zoom to build her studio for superior audio for podcasting and video. I'm just sharing her very generous and insightful testimonial here that pertains to her working with me directly so you know what kind of knowledge I have and that I deliver to bring you the best to my ability.

Gord Isman on Working with Todd.LIVE

Even though my friend Gord isn't currently a member of 'Grammer School Video Mastermind, we have worked together on various collabs and he has reviewed my digital courses Slam Dunk Studio Vols 1 and 2. He tells you about what you can expect when working with me.

I'm ready to do something different on Instagram than everyone else in my niche!


Frequently Asked Questions

My entire website is built upon what is known as Kajabi, and my mastermind is right here inside this website.  Upon purchase, you'll create a login and password and have access to any and all Todd.LIVE products you've enrolled in.

The mastermind is an ongoing community.  Much like a Facebook page, you can log in, share and participate.  You either enroll with an automatic monthly recurring fee or an automatic yearly recurring fee.  Of course, paying yearly entitles you to a substantial discount.

I'll host at least one 2 hour live training each month, with at least a half hour of that opened up for Q & A.

In most cases, no.  To get the most from Todd's training, using the same equipment and software has it's advantages.  Using the same equipment is much less important.

As much as we'd hate to see you go, it's understandable if it's not for you.  For the first 30 days after you enroll, you have a 30-day no questions asked money back guarantee.  

After your first 30 days, there are no guarantees.  However, you can cancel anytime and you won't be billed again, but we do not refund the remaining time on your current paid enrollment.  

For instance, if you purchase a year, and four months in you choose to cancel, you'll be a member until the end of the year, with no refunds.  Or, if you fail to cancel prior to the anniversary of your payment, but you cancel after payment has been made, you'll be canceled but you'll maintain access until the end of that 30 day billing period.

Time to Join, Participate, and Start Learning

Time to start creating quality Instagram videos for the news feed, Stories, IGTV, and Instagram Live


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