'Grammer School Video Mastermind

GOING LIVE JUNE 1 (OR SOONER).  The focus of the 'Grammer School Video Mastermind is creating and editing effective video for what I call the 'Four Corners of Instagram Video™':  Newsfeed Video, Instagram Live, Instagram Stories, and IGTV.  Hosted in a community format, you'll have access to what I offer in addition to community discussion and support.

'Grammer School Video Mastermind Interest List - GOING LIVE JUNE 1 (OR SOONER) Learn More About 'Grammer School Video Mastermind

Live Video Beginner Mastermind

GOING LIVE JUNE 1 (or sooner).  The focus of the Live Video Beginner Mastermind is get you going in live video.  From the ground up you are going to learn how to go live, how to theme and be an effective storyteller, how to prepare to be on camera, and more!  This is a deep dive on all of the basics of live video and it's perfect for people who haven't yet dipped their toe in the live video water.

Live Video Beginner Mastermind Interest List - GOING LIVE JUNE 1 (OR SOONER) Learn More About Live Video Beginner Mastermind


While not a community, the Resources page is here for you so you can learn about which products and companies I've used and/or partnered with and that I can endorse. Some of these companies offer you deals on pricing by using my links.


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