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What is Instagram Live, and How Can Entrepreneurs Use It?

Sep 06, 2018

What is Instagram Live, and How Can Entrepreneurs Use It?

Note:  This article is part 1 of an 11 part series entitled 'Getting Started with Instagram Live' that will include 11 YouTube videos, 11 blog posts, and more!  Be sure to sign up for my free VIP email membership and receive a free PDF entitled '50 Instagram Live Video Tips' for 50 awesome Instagram Live video tips!

What is Instagram Live?

About two years ago, Instagram began adding significant “parts” to their app.  At one point, when Facebook acquired Instagram, Instagram was just a photo community app.  People would post photos, and other people could see those photos on their newsfeeds.

It was brilliant, and was revolutionary to social media.

Then, Instagram introduced video to the newsfeed, which allowed people to not only post photos, but to also post one minute videos.

All within the newsfeed.  

At that point in time, Instagram didn’t have what I consider to be “parts” or “sections.”

Since then, and in addition to the newsfeed, Instagram has added Instagram Stories, which is a lot like Snapchat (only a lot better), Instagram Live, and most recently, IGTV.

So, in a sense, Instagram is an app that has 4 different major areas of play, and arguably only 3 areas of play because, technically, IGTV is it’s own app that works with the Instagram app to provide a unique video experience for creators and consumers of content.

Regarding Instagram Live, Instagram Live is a part of the Instagram app that allows people to go live and share their message with the world.  

Anyone can go live, anytime.  And anyone in the world can watch, although usually your live videos will only be consumed by people who already follow you.

Instagram Live allows you to go live for one hour, and it allows you to bring in audience members or guests into your video so you can talk to them, face to face, in real time.

Of course, the audience can participate by leaving comments which you can respond to, directly.

Videos are broadcast as vertical video, meaning if you were holding your phone upright, as opposed to sideways.  Live video broadcasts can be saved to your phone or mobile device under certain circumstances, or they can be discarded.

If the video is saved, it will be on Instagram for 24 hours, at which time it disappears forever.

Why Use Instagram Live?

Here’s the thing - I personally got my start online with live video.  I love live video. And when I got started in live video, breaking all the barriers and putting on awesomely-produced broadcasts were what I strived to do.

And then came along Instagram Live.

Instagram Live isn’t very refined, and putting on a professional-style broadcast isn’t something that can really happen with Instagram Live.


Instagram Live is simple.  It’s easy to learn. Anyone can do it.

Putting on a broadcast is easy on Instagram Live.  You hit the “live” button and...you’re live. If you have a signal, you can go live.  Anywhere. Anytime. With just a phone.

This is unlike what I’ve trained myself to do, that takes a lot of time getting set up and dialing in a lot of different things, Instagram Live offers something as powerful but that allows you to go live with much less friction.

Most importantly, Instagram Live is easily consumable.  

What I mean by that is, when you go live, it is extremely easy for people to find you, for people to join in, and for people to comment and participate.

This is the key.  Anytime you can make it easy for the world out there to 1) find what you are doing 2) easily, and 3) effortlessly, where 4) you can get your message across clearly, you have a win.

Instagram Live is a win.

Instagram is the fastest growing social media platform that exists, and wherever you are, wherever you look, people are using Instagram.  

No other platform has people’s attention in the sense that Instagram does.  And it’s because Instagram is that easy.

Instagram Live makes sense for every brand, business, venture, or whatever, on the planet.

How You Can Use Instagram Live For Your Business

Examples of how you can use Instagram Live for your business include:

  • Launching a new product
  • Make announcements that are relevant to your customers
  • Q&A sessions
  • Discuss your industry / niche
  • Have discussions with your audience
  • Have discussions with others you bring into the broadcast
  • Behind the scenes of your business
  • Share ‘slices of life’ with your crowd

It's Time to Get Started!

As you can see, Instagram Live offers you a lot of potential to quickly and easily get your message out to the world in a place that makes it easy for the audience to consume the content you are creating.  

Feel free to comment below with any questions you might have, and be sure to download my FREE PDF entitled 50 Instagram Live Video Tips.

You can also find me on Instagram, as well as YouTube.  Oh, and before I forget, you can check out my daily Instagram marketing podcast ‘Grammer School on iTunes.

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