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The Rodecaster Pro: A Piece of Audio Tech Every Content Creator Should Consider

Dec 19, 2019

Please note:  All links for the Rodecaster Pro and the Heil PR-40 microphone are affiliate links for Amazon.  If you click and purchase, I get a commission - you don't pay extra - Amazon gives me a commission out of their cut.  Feel free to use the links I've provided or to go directly to Amazon and search for the product if you prefer to not use affiliate links.


One of the first things I learned about broadcasting on the internet, and arguably one of the most important things about such broadcasting, is that there is no compromise with audio - your audio has to be good.

Whether you are podcasting or creating video content, your audio means everything.

In an ideal world, the message you are sharing would reign supreme over all other considerations.

But we don't live in an ideal world, and the fact is that the attention span of most people these days is just a few seconds - you really have very little time to capture the attention of the person who comes across your content, and with the volume of content out there with good audio is such that, if your audio sucks, people are going to tune out and move on, perhaps never to return.

Think of it this way: when you put a piece of content out for the world to consume, your ask is big right out of the gate - you're asking people to stick around and give you a chance.

Whether most content consumers recognize it or not, time is their most valuable asset. People aren't going to give you the time of day if, during your ask, which is arguably the first few seconds of the time they spend with you, isn't with you coming out of the gate with excellent reasons for them to stay with you.

Included in those reasons is the value you are going to give them if they stick around to listen and/or watch. Usually this is done with some sort of hook - some sort of statement that tells the consumer what they have to gain if they stick around and give your content a chance.

But that hook is going to be worthless if it sounds like crap!

In dealing with audio perfection on a budget over the last few years, I've learned a thing or two about how to get awesome audio without breaking the budget - and in a way that even a novice to audio can figure out.

During my journey of learning audio I've tried all sorts of audio equipment and, at one point, I thought I had it all figured out with a setup that I would use for years to come and that I would teach to others.

And then in 2019 the company Rode Microphones released what they call the Rodecaster Pro. And everything I had known sort of turned upside down.

Prior to trying the Rodecaster Pro, to get good audio in my podcasts and live videos, I had three mixers, one compressor / limiter / gate, cords going everywhere, a digital voice recorder, and numerous other pieces of equipment.

When I tried the Rodecaster Pro, which I did with a lot of caution, I was shocked with all it could do for $600 right out of the box!

This piece of audio equipment could do almost everything I was doing and/or wanted to do with my original setup, with less equipment, less cords, and less headache!

The Rodecaster Pro could pull in awesome sound from my microphone of choice, compress the audio, and record it. It could store sounds and jingles that I could play during the broadcast, and it could do all of this with just a few buttons!

Once I saw what I could do with this machine, I took apart and put away all of my other audio equipment, permanently.

This freed up a TON of space in my studio and streamlined my content creation like never before.

And as a side benefit - my office is now a lot less dirty. Yes, less dirty.

I'm a clean freak. But no matter how hard you try, when you have a lot of electrical equipment and a lot of wires, you have on your hands a major dust magnet. And cleaning this dust magnet seems impossible.

You ever pull your TV and DVD player out and are met with a disgusting wad of dust - well, that was what I was always trying to keep to a minimum with all that equipment.

With the simplicity of the Rodecaster Pro, keeping the studio clean and free from dust is a joy - it's very easy - and it makes spending time in the studio so much nicer.

And the audio you get from this machine is rich and buttery and is sure to give you the sound you are looking for - and more importantly, the sound your audience is looking for when they come across your content.

Using a machine like the Rodecaster Pro can give you the confidence to broadcast audio and/or video with audio that won't send people away in droves.

The Rodecaster Pro retails for $599 everywhere, and I've never seen it on sale. Sometimes you can find it on Amazon, but oftentimes you cannot. I'll put links below to the Rodecaster Pro on Amazon as well as B+H Photo. The Amazon links are likely affiliate links, which means I'll get paid by Amazon out of their cut - you won't pay extra - so use the Amazon if you'd like.

The only thing you'll need to get started with the Rodecaster Pro is a good microphone. I'm not going to get into a big microphone discussion right now, but I will share with you my microphone of choice, the Heil PR-40. I've played around and/or tried a lot of microphones and the Heil PR-40 is my favorite - I've recorded at least 1500 podcasts with it as well as countless videos, both live and recorded.

In any event, I hope this helps you out as you start or continue your journey in search for quality audio for your audience. They'll definitely appreciate your efforts, and I'm sure you will as well.

Oh, by the way, down below I've included a video embed where I show you the contents of the box that you'll find with your new Rodecaster Pro, along with a quick tour of the interface. Hope you enjoy!

Talk to you next time.

- Todd


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