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The Olloclip | InCase Filmer's Kit Unboxing and Initial Impressions

Nov 06, 2017

Okay folks, prior to writing this blog article, I created an 'unboxing video' for the Olloclip | InCase Filmer's Kit.  The video can be found if you scroll to the bottom of this page.

I had anticipated doing a series of videos with footage with the various lenses, and in preparation for that I took the lenses outside to play with for a bit.

However, after struggling to get somewhere with these lenses, I decided I'm not fond of the overall kit and I'm taking it back tomorrow.  It just so happens I have a Genius Bar appointment for an iPhone problem so it will be convenient for me.

So what did I not like about this kit?  

Well, let's see.

First off, I didn't like that I had to remove the protective case off of my iPhone to use any of the lenses.  In fairness, I cannot see how Olloclip could design a lens mounting solution that was accommodating to all of the cases that exist in the marketplace - I've seen some incredibly thick cases!

However, it is a pain point to have to remove the case each and every time you want to use the lens.

Then, the results I got from the lenses were not substantial.  Indeed, I felt the results were so weak that I felt like I could get the same or better with my phone all by itself.

To top it off, to use a lens, I'm going to have to remove the case every time I want to use the lens (thereby risking damage to the phone while using the lens), and I'm going to have to put the lens on the phone, which isn't that hard but it isn't necessarily quick, either.  

What I started thinking about while screwing around with these lenses was, was I going to enjoy and/or use them often enough when I have to put so much into the preparation for the use of the lens?  

The answer is, no.

Look, live streamers want quick and easy solutions to do cool things with their equipment.  If every time you want to go live and apply a special effect to the video, such as employing a wide angled shot, the equipment better damn well be worth the time it takes to get it all together to use.

I didn't feel as though that was the case with the Olloclip.

Too much time spent fucking around with the lenses and the mounting device (oh, and the grip, which is lackluster at best).  Not enough delivery in the end.

I'm actually very disappointed with the results out of this kit.  Perhaps I was expecting too much.  Heck, perhaps I didn't give it a real good chance.

But considering the results I got upon playing with the kit the first time, I can tell you with confidence that this, for me, is throwing away $200.

So, feel free to enjoy the unboxing video below - sadly there will be no follow-ups on this kit.




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