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GS Podcast 003 - How to Build a Loyal Instagram Following Through Photos

Dec 13, 2017

Michael Stelzer of the Social Media Examiner recently published an article and podcast where he interviewed wedding photographer Jenna Kutcher about her success on Instagram.  

The article can be found here:  Visual Personal Branding: How to Build a Loyal Following Through Images.

I really enjoyed the article and podcast, and I think Michael is fantastic at what he does, and Jenna has an Instagram account that is fabulous, which you can see here:  Jenna on Instagram.

Here is my commentary on what she had to say about building a following with your images and the stories behind them:

What are your thoughts on any of this - my podcast, Stelzner's podcast and/or article, and Jenna's thoughts on her Instagram success and what got her where she is?


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