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ELV Podcast 011: Conversational Storytelling is Key in Live Stream Video

Nov 30, 2017

Your entire social media and live video existence should center around telling a good story.  Drawing people in.  Giving them a reason to watch or read more.  Giving them a reason to care.

Whenever you can present yourself to millions as a conversationalist, you're going to have better success.  

Be human.  Be relatable.  Give people a reason to give a shit about you and what you are doing.

If you can unlock that, you'll have people consuming everything you put out and buying whatever it is you're selling.

Listen here: 

Storytelling is an art.  You must get started, as everyone else did, and take your knocks as you figure out your voice and what will work for you.

As always, please leave a comment below if you have some thoughts you'd like to share.


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