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ELV Podcast 008: What Really Inspired Me to Go 'All In' with Live Video

Nov 27, 2017

Sometimes I get asked how I fell so hard for live streaming video.  And I fell hard.

Once I got past the fears of going live - you know those fears - what you will look or sound like when you go live.  How people will respond.  Will they respond?  What will my message be?  All that, and more.

But I got past all that by using Snapchat every day, multiple times per day.

However, there was one moment when I had the flu and was laid up in bed that I realized that live video was where I was going - in an everlasting attempt to achieve live stream perfection and excellence.

Hear about that moment here:

Thanks for listening, and as always, please leave a comment below with your thoughts.  

Hey, I'm hoping I can be the inspiration for you to go live!  Let me know!


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