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The Roland R-07 Failed - Went With the Sony PCM-A10 Voice Recorder

Jun 26, 2019

(The following text is the transcript of the video found at the bottom of the page.)

In this video we're going to compare the Roland R-07 to the Sony PCM-A10. Let's get started.

Hey folks, I'm Todd.LIVE. I am a prolific live streamer and podcaster. Thousands of broadcasts under my belt over the last few years. Teaching people how to podcast, how to use Instagram, how to market with video. All this good stuff with an extreme focus on tech, on gear. As you can tell behind me, I'm kind of a mad scientist of gear. I love tech, I love gear. I spent a fortune on this stuff. I love to try it out, figure it out, review it, talk about it, recommend it, not recommend it, whatever. So if that's the kind of stuff that you're interested in, please find me on all of my other social media channels. Of course, check out my blog, Todd.LIVE. And if you are interested in videos like this, hit the subscribe button down below. Hit the bell and you'll be notified when I release a new video.

So today we are going to talk about my drama with the Roland R-07 and the Sony PCM-A10. This all started folks when my Roland R-05 which has been discontinued, decided to quit working. What happened with this is there's an SD card slot in the back and the SD card slides into place and you push it down and it snaps in and locks into place. And then to release it, you push it down and the little lock, the little internal lock lets it go and you can pull it out. That little locking mechanism broke so it won't accept the SD card or it won't lock it into place. And if it's not locked into place, it basically disengages all of the recording features on this unit. It will power on, but I can't hear myself. I can't monitor myself, I can't record.

There's a lot of things I can't do. So in, for all intents and purposes, this isn't something I can fix myself. So this thing is broken. Um, and I had planned to use the Roland R-05 for years. I've used it for three or four years already. It works wonderfully discontinued though. The only place you can find this as on Ebay or Amazon at extremely high cost, $600 or $700 it's ridiculous. This unit usually sells for about $300 or when it did sell, but now at $600 or $700 it's a premium, but everything about this was wonderful, so when it broke I had to replace it. Naturally because of my love for this unit, I'm going to choose the Roland R-07. Okay. Pretty much the same size. They're obviously a little different here. You can kind of tell a little bit of a design change, but you know for all intents and purposes it looks like the same thing but it's not.

Okay. Things I loved about this one were things that I hated about this one. This had excellent sound in every way. It has a power cord that's an old style ac adapter type power plug, so you could actually have it plugged in while you were recording. It does have battery power, but it didn't matter whether you were using battery power or whether you were using the plugin. You got perfect audio on the Roland R-07 it does have battery power, but the plug is a different kind of plug. It's not the old AC style adapter. It's a USB or a micro USB plug. And the problem with that is is when you plug it in, you get interference. So the bottom line is, is if you want to plug this in and have it powered from your wall, you can't record and get good audio because it's going to have interference.

And that when you have interference in your recording, you're recording is trash. So basically even including a plug on the side of this unit is ridiculous because you don't get a good recording with it. So what's the point? This is a terrible design that Roland did. I don't know why they would find it acceptable to give us a power jack that when it's plugged in, you're going to get crappy sound. The other thing too, even when you're recording with the battery for whatever reason, you get distortion, you get distortion when you're monitoring the recording with your ear buds and you'd get distortion in the recording itself. I've tried every setting. In fact, I've mirrored the settings from this one to this one and you get distortion. Why is that? Why? I mean I'm certain I'm not doing something wrong. I'm open to the fact that I could be doing something wrong, but it doesn't matter because everything I tried, I got distortion and quite honestly I don't like using battery power.

I'd like to plug into the wall and that's what made this one so nice. When I plug into the wall on this one, I get distortion that I know so I'm forced to use batteries that I don't want to use and even when I use the batteries for whatever reason, I can't get rid of the distortion. I put a phone call into Roland and try to figure this out. I went all over the place for three hours. I got nowhere. Ultimately I got an answering machine and I had to leave a message with my phone number. It's been three weeks since I made the call and I'm making this video. I haven't had one person reach out from Roland about this issue. Finally, this is less important, but this has a standard SD card that goes into this slot. This one uses a micro SD card and the little slot for it is way down deep in there and it's very difficult to get the card out.

This one's very easy to get the Roland R-05 very easy to get the card out. The Roland R-07 very difficult to get the card out. So why would that be a problem? Let's say this thing is made to go out in the field, so let's say you take it out in the field, you're at a convention or something and you want to get this card out and put it into your computer. It's extremely difficult to get out because that hole is so deep. I have to have tweezers to get it out. So not only when I travel am I going to have to take this and batteries to boot, but I'm going to have to take tweezers so I can get the card out so I can transfer the files to my computer. I don't know. I don't see the reason to go from a standard SD card to a micro SD card when the idea is is that you can pop this card out really quick, slipping into computer transfer files and upload to a podcast or anywhere else that you might be using an audio file.

So given the fact that this did not work for me, it's sad. I really like Roland products. I'm disillusioned though because this one sucks so bad compared to this one and the customer service didn't reach out to me, so I'm a bit disappointed. I recognize them as a leader in audio. But I mean, come on. I work with all sorts of companies, look at all the tech in my office. I'm on the phone, I do email with companies trying to figure out these sorts of things. No response with Roland. So I'm quite disappointed. This worked wonderfully. The Roland R-05 This one did not. So I had to scramble because I podcast every day. I've got two daily shows and I needed a digital voice recorder now I didn't have time to wait. So I went onto Amazon and I started doing my research and what I came up with was the Sony PCM-A10 this is a wonderful piece of equipment.

I've been playing with it all morning. I had my concerns that um, I don't know. I, this was so good and I used it for so long and I liked it so much. And then after the disappointment of the Roland R-07. I was really concerned that the Sony would not be to my liking. I like it a lot. Look the size, it's much smaller. Like if you were going to take it out in the field, it is, it's more designed to fit in your pocket. It's very easy to set up. There is no power cord. That's kind of a downside I think. But on the upside it has a, you hit the little switch and a Usb Jack pops out of the bottom and it has internal rechargeable batteries so you're always working off the battery. That can be a downside of course, but at least when you reuse the internal batteries, you're not getting any interference.

You simply plug it into the wall and it charges. It's wonderful. It does have a micro SD card, which I'm not big on micro SD cards because then you have to have the SD card adapter, but it's very easy to get in and out. I don't need the tweezers to get it in and out. All three devices, whichever one you choose, has the tripod mount on the back. What I like about the tripod mount is I actually put it on a tripod and I face it out looking at me, so when it's turned on I can control it. I can see the buttons, I can see the dials, I can see the, the audio monitors to see if I'm peaking or clipping. And I set it right on my desk and have it facing me and it allows me to monitor my audio, my sound monitor, everything while I'm recording.

So all three devices have that and any good digital voice recorder is going to have a tripod mount on the back. So what do you think? It's kind of a sad thing that the Roland R-05 is discontinued. I don't like that mine broke. If Roland would have contacted me back, I would've tried to find out if they could fix it. I may still try to go down that road. The Roland R-07 - big disappointment. I hate to even bash Roland. I love their products, what I've used so far. But you know for what this is supposed to do, it was a great big disappointment. But I am back in the saddle with the Sony PCM-A10 this is a fantastic little unit. The, I've tested the sound all morning long. I've done various things to push the limits and see what I can do, what I can't do, and basically, as far as I can tell, this is going to give me what this gave me. I'm back in the saddle. I'm happy. Folks, if you enjoyed this video, be sure to like review, subscribe, leave a comment. I greatly appreciate it. If you're watching it on linkedin or Facebook or anywhere else, please leave a comment and follow my page. Subscribe, reach out. Tell me about it. Tell me what you think. Leave a comment down below. Again, folks, thanks for watching. I really enjoyed sharing this information with you and I look forward to talking to you.




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