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3 Reasons You Should Be Podcasting in 2019

Apr 02, 2019

3 Reasons You Should Be Podcasting in 2019

When it comes to the way we communicate on the internet, it oftentimes seems as though very little has long-term staying power.  Just as soon as creators and consumers get to a point where they've gotten good at using something that was revolutionary when it was introduced, something new comes along and changes everything.

However, that hasn't been the case (so far) with podcasting.

Podcasting is, in terms of internet years, ancient.  Podcasting is definitely an old technology and there isn't much different about podcasting today as opposed to when it was introduced.

Yet podcasting is a hot medium and new podcasts are started daily.  And, if you pay attention to the numbers, it it clear that podcasting is a growing form of communication, rather than a declining form of communication.

There are plenty of reasons behind the growth of podcasting, but one thing is clear - you should be podcasting in 2019 and if you aren't already podcasting, it's time to get started. 

And no, it's not too late.

Reason 1:  When You Start a Podcast, You Are Investing in Yourself.

The #1 reason I'd give anyone as to why they should start a podcast is that by doing so they are investing in himself or herself.  

By starting a podcast, you are making numerous commitments to both yourself and to the world.

Among the many commitments you are making, you are making yourself responsible to be there for your audience as often as you have promised.

You are committing to putting on a quality broadcast that other people within your niche will find interesting.

You are committing to the time it takes to create individual podcast episodes.

And perhaps most importantly, you are committing to your audience that you'll be there when you say you'll be there.

These commitments are indeed promises, and your ability to fulfill these promises will be tested on a regular basis.  The broadcasters who can keep their promises and maintain their podcast have a chance at prospering as broadcasters on a platform where so many other people fail.

By maintaining a consistent podcast that is of interest to the niche you are serving, you'll not only be building character through fulfilling your promises, but you'll also be positioning yourself an an authority on the topic at hand.

Think about it - if you have 500 people listening to each podcast episode you create, you are essentially filling a large conference hall with people eagerly waiting to hear what you have to say and practically with undivided attention.

That is a powerful thing.

So not only are you strengthening yourself as a human being, but you are raising your status within the niche by establishing yourself as perhaps the 'go to' resource on the niche.

Reason 2:  When You Start a Podcast, You Are Investing in Your Personal Brand.

When it comes to small business and entrepreneurship in 2019, there are not many better ways to build an audience of potential consumers than to build a personal brand, with you as the face (and voice) of the brand.

By establishing a personal brand and consistently being there for your audience, where you share your knowledge and your thoughts on a consistent basis, you are constantly solidifying the foundation of trust and authority consumers within in the niche are looking for.

As time passes by, more and more you will be seen by your audience as the face and the voice for the niche.  They come to you with questions so that you can provide answers.

Think about that - you start out sharing your knowledge and expertise, and over time your audience brings you questions they have that you find the answers to, which even more so solidifies your credibility and authority!

Reason 3:  When You Start a Podcast, You Are Investing in Your Audience.

As much as I believe that one should podcast for himself or herself first and foremost, and to not take on podcasting if they aren't doing it for their own personal development, it's hard to argue against podcasting for the sake of investing in your audience as being the most important reason.

Whatever knowledge and expertise you can offer to the world, there is an audience out there waiting for you to show up and share your thoughts with them.

This isn't to be taken lightly.  I'm serious.  People are out there waiting for you to show up.  

It doesn't matter if there are others out there podcasting already and servicing your niche.  They aren't you, and only you can do you, and there are people out there who don't realize it yet, but they are waiting for you to show up.

It's time to start putting out content for these people.  It's time to serve these people and make their lives better through the power of your voice.  It's time for you to spend time with these people and answer their questions. 

It's time for you to start podcasting.



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